lotusĀ® PRO Cleaning in Education Sector

Changing The Way The World Cleans

lotus® PRO takes environmental sustainability to a whole new level in educational facility cleaning. Our system is a single solution for all cleaning requirements eliminating the need for multiple cleaners and toxic chemicals - whether it is used in classrooms, gymnasiums, labs, cafeteria, play equipment, washrooms, common areas or study halls.

With zero toxic residuals and zero down-drain containments, lotus® PRO eliminates the need for multiple cleaners and toxic chemicals, enhancing the educational experience for teachers, students and staff.

The versatility of lotus® PRO is unprecedented in its ability to clean, sanitize and deodorize. Using exciting cleaning equipment and work processes, lotus® PRO increases custodial efficiency by reducing the need for rinsing, chemical handling, mixing, storage and training.

Using the lotus® PRO technology, ordinary tap water mixed with oxygen transforms into aqueous ozone which works faster and more effectively than a conventional cleaning solution. As a natural all-purpose cleaning and sanitizing agent, the lotus® PRO works for hours, after which point it converts back into water and oxygen. The lotus® PRO system provides a proven, cost effective alternative to chemicals for all your cleaning and sanitizing needs.

In addition to providing a safe cleaning environment in our schools, the lotus® PRO system eliminates the need to buy, store, dispose and train your custodial staff on the complexity of conventional cleaners. With the lotus® PRO products, you will get more cleaning for less money. Reducing your operating costs is easy with the lotus® PRO system - no need for expensive chemical cleaners all while providing a safe and effective cleaning solution for your school.

Applications & Potential Uses

  • Desks, tables, counters and chairs
  • White board cleaning
  • Vinyl, concrete, terrazzo, stone
  • Computer screen cleaning
  • Glass, mirrors
  • Odor removal
  • School lab equipment
  • Bathrooms, lockers, handrails

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