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Replacement Carbon-Block Filter

Model #LWTRF1

lotus® Water Treatment Replacement Carbon block filters offer a significant advantage over standard granular activated carbon filters. The particle size of the ground media and the force of compressed media in a block form, accurately control the pore size and flow rates. This means the chemical reductions and mechanical filtration can be accurately controlled and the increase in the carbon/water contact surface area provides a far greater life expectancy of the filter and improved filtration. For use only with the lotus® Water Treatment System.

Replacement Clean Water Carafe

Model #LWTCW1K

The lotus® Clean Water Carafe is for use with the lotus® Water Treatment System. Always have a pitcher of cool great tasting lotus water on-hand. The sleek design fits conveniently in your refrigerator door and the ergonomic handle makes pouring easy.


Water Treatment Processing Carafe

Model #14029

If your processing carafe is stained or you can't get it clean, simply purchase a replacement one. Made of durable plastic and used to process about two quarts of water when used with your lotus Water Treatment System.

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