Norco College


Before I bought our first stabilized aqueous ozone dispenser, I took the system to our chemistry department at the college and asked them analyze it and tell me if it actually cleans and sanitizes. The head of the department and his students did the research and gave it thumbs up.

Deon Stowers, Custodial Manager
Norco College

Quick Facts

  • Norco College serves over 13,000 students in daytime, evening, weekend, and online college courses
  • 45 locally or state-approved certificates, 20 Associates Degrees
  • Won the 2015 Bellwether Award in Teaching and Learning
  • Only California Community College with a suite of game development and commercial music degrees

“In this industry, people are so used to doing things the same way for such a long time,” says Deon Stowers, Custodial Manager at Norco College in Riverside, California. “For me, if I find something that works better than the old way, I’m always willing to try it.”

Stowers supervises 10 custodians and is responsible for cleaning 11 of the largest buildings on campus. His crew cleans 16 hours a day across two shifts—day and night.

One day shortly after starting at Norco, his local supplier showed him a brochure for stabilized aqueous ozone, a simple, safe, sustainable alternative to traditional toxic cleaning chemicals.  “When I took this position four years ago, I was determined to green the entire school. Switching from chemical cleaners to stabilized aqueous ozone was a big step in that direction.”

Showers challenged his staff to try the new green cleaner in one of the buildings. “They were reluctant at first, certainly,” he explains. “Mostly, they equated clean with a smell and a color. It took them a long time to realize that clean is actually the absence of odor and color.”

Over time, Stowers’ staff started to notice that walls and fixtures, in addition to being cleaned, were actually becoming shinier. They realized the aqueous ozone was removing the chemical residues that had built-up over the years, leaving the original surfaces to sparkle through. “With the aqueous ozone, the cleanliness across all environments has really improved. The restrooms are cleaner, the odors are gone, and the chrome is much, much shinier. Everything you use it on, it works.”

Today, most of Stowers’ staff have bought into the innovative program. “They love it—just swear by it. There’s no more mixing, ordering, or storing of chemicals. Best of all, it’s simply a cheaper way to clean and sanitize. Buying chemicals every month isn’t cheap. In the long run, this is the way to go.”