lotus PRO

Series I & II Stabilization Modules

Model #LCA114K & #LCA118K

Used to extend effectiveness of aqueous ozone. The Series I provides up to 4 hours of stable aqueous ozone, while the Series II provides up to 24 hours.


The Stabilizing Modules Unit and the Replacement Filter Cartridge must be changed together.


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Replacement Filter Cartridge - 4 Pack

Model #LRFC425K

This integral component filters air to maximize ozone levels infused into water. Good for 650 cycles. Three cents per cycle compared to expensive chemicals.

Trigger Spray Bottle

Model #LAS206K

Required for lotus® PRO sustainable cleaning system. Heavy duty boot and shatter resistant blow-molded plastic for superior performance. Holds enough liquefied ozone to clean most guest rooms. Order an extra bottle to charge one while using another for maximum productivity.


Works only with the lotus® PRO Cleaning System.

lotus PROscrub

Model #LCA103K

Natural performance enhancing powdered cleanser. Used with lotus® PRO system, removes more dirt, grime, grease, mold and mildew better and faster.


Available in case of 12 quarts (RTU - Ready To Use), 5 Gallon Pail (10X Concentrate), and 55 Gallon Drum (10X Concentrate).


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Applications & Potential Uses

Use the Trigger Spray Unit to clean and sanitize furniture tops, fixtures, mirrors, telephones and coffee units. Deodorizes drapes, bed linens and comforters. Safely removes stains from carpet, upholstery, and other water safe fabrics. Cleans and sanitizes bathroom fixtures including shower grouting and toilet bowls, Use also in the spa, gym, dining facility and public areas including restrooms without rinsing.