The advantages the stabilized aqueous ozone system offers us are pretty remarkable.

Carlos Cancel, Vice-President and General Manager
AffinEco Facility Services Company

Quick Facts

  • Founded in 1966, this facility service company is now headquartered in Bridgeport, CT with branches in New York, Hartford, Boston, and more.
  • Employs 1,800 professionals servicing more than 600 individual facility accounts throughout the east coast of the Unites States.
  • Part of AffinEco’s mission is to search for and implement new technologies.

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“With our tradition of being at the forefront of green cleaning,” explains Cancel,  “this technology offers another way for us to stay ahead of the curve and continue our longstanding commitment to the environment as well as this particular customer’s emphasis on green practices.”

The technology Cancel is referring to is stabilized aqueous ozone, a widely-accepted alternative to traditional chemicals.  More and more facility service providers are choosing stabilized aqueous ozone, or SAO for short, to clean and sanitize virtually any hard surface.

AffinEco is testing SAO in one of its Class A corporate headquarters in Westchester County, NY.  “We’re only about three weeks into the testing, but we feel it has great potential and we have high hopes for it,” shares Cancel.  “The way it is going so far, I fully expect to remove most, if not all, chemicals from this building after about a month.”

Commercial cleaners can typically reduce their chemical expenditures nearly 50% by switching to stabilized aqueous ozone—and that includes all costs of equipment.  Says Cancel:  “If this works well, we will prove the system’s worth to other customers and hopefully convert more buildings over.  The savings will be tremendous.”

The device that produces the stabilized aqueous ozone is a 2-foot by 2-foot box mounted on a wall in a custodial closet at the high-end corporate tower in Westchester County.  Install is simple and easy with a standard garden hose bib connection to access the tap water.  Hands-on training was provided to AffinEco’s general manager and lead porter/night supervisor for the building.  The supervisor then trained the rest of the cleaning staff.

“The installation and training was quick and straightforward,” says Cancel.  "And now we’re cleaning with water and technology—not using any traditional chemicals at all.  How much more green can you be?”