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Breathe in the smell of cleaners, and you're inhaling toxic chemicals.

Cleaning is no one's favorite job – but we all love the result after the effort.  Unfortunately, while our environment LOOKS great after a good cleaning, our health will likely suffer a little – unless we are thoughtful about what cleaning products and methods we use.

Pail with chemical cleaners

Many popular cleaning products contain ingredients that raise a red flag for toxicity and bring significant risks from long-and short-term use.  An article published in the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine in June 2017 recounts a study completed by European researchers on the respiratory health effects of exposure to cleaning chemicals.

It noted that people who clean professionally with cleaning products can see an accelerated decline in lung function similar to smoking 20 cigarette packs or more per year for 10 years.

Fragrances commonly added to cleaners cause acute irritation of the lining of lungs.  In fact, the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health estimates that up to one-third of the substances used in commercial products are toxic--yet there is no requirement to identify chemical ingredients on labels.

In short, the smell of clean is no smell at all.  It's time to realize that many of the scents in products we use are actually carcinogens that chip away at our health.  Start looking for products that are marked "No Fragrance Added" and using cleaning methods that are truly chemical-free.  Your house will be cleaner and your environment will be safer.

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