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Tersano, Changing the Way the World Cleans

Tersano, Changing the Way the World Cleans

Tersano’s initiatives are spreading throughout the globe. Our company has already established presences in 4 continents around the world. We are a privately held innovations organization committed to advancing environmentally safe and healthy cleaning technologies.

Tersano focuses its research and development on the commercial institutional market. We feel responsible for the cleaning products we release into the environment which is why we work together with our client partners help to save over 52 million litres or 13 million gallons of chemicals each year from going down the drain or into landfills.

With the 2008 launch of the innovative lotus® PRO cleaning system, we have found an effective way to benefit people,the planet, and our users’ profit margins keeping consistent with our company’s vision.

Helping People, Profit and the Planet



  • Non-Irritant to respiratory and allergy problems
  • Reduction of slip & falls
  • Eliminates exposure of chemicals to staff & visitors


  • Reduction of carbon footprint
  • Harmless to the environment when disposed
  • Green Seal certified


  • Eliminates need to purchase, transport, distribute, store, mix and restock
  • Drastically reduces inventory of multiple chemicals
  • All-in-one solution improves productivity
  • Saves versus conventional cleaners (gallon to gallon)
  • Reduction in sick days due to chemical exposure

What makes Tersano unique?

Our focus on “changing the way the world cleans” led us to produce an innovative, multipurpose product unmatched by any cleaning agent in the world. The lotus® PRO cleaning system transforms ordinary tap water into the world’s most effective toxin-free commercial cleaner by infusing it with ozone. This ‘Stabilized Aqueous Ozone’ eliminates germs, odors, stains, mold, mildew and other contaminants on any item or surface before changing safely back into water and oxygen.

Testimonial: lotus PRO Cleaning System

The lotus® PRO won FinnClean’s Best New Product Award in 2014. It is now widely used in the hospitality, health care, manufacturing, education, retail, and public sectors throughout North America, Europe, and Australia.

Not only do we value the environment, in 2011 Tersano won the ISSA Best Customer Service Award confirming the importance we place on customer satisfaction in regards to both our products and our staff.

Tersano has been recognized by multiple magazines and featured on TV shows such as “The Big Idea With Donny Deutsch” and “Rachel Ray”.

Testimonial: Tersano on Rachel Ray

Through its extensive product line Tersano provides effective, innovative, and sustainable cleaning and sanitizing solutions globally for its clients and continues to strive towards enhancing the health of people and planet through the elimination of harsh cleaning chemicals.

Any questions? Feel free to call or email us any time.

Customer Care: 1.800.727.8835


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