Tersano Initiatives in Australia

Tersano is establishing a presence across the world in “Changing the way the world Cleans” and has partnered up with Havencab, the first Australian company to adopt the Tersano lotus® PRO.

Havencab has been at the forefront of sustainable cleaning in Australia for many years. Their  brand cleaning system is considered by many the best practice in the industry. Now, because of the lotus® PRO cleaning system, Havencab is able to better their company by reducing their chemical use by 93%.

The lotus® PRO reduces chemicals by transforming ordinary tap water into the world’s most effective eco-friendly commercial cleaner by infusing it with ozone. This “Stabilized Aqueous Ozone” complies with all the green star performance benchmarks Havencab is required to meet for cleaning.

Havencab is using the Tersano lotus® PRO cleaning system in multiple sectors including retail, residential, and commercial. Their employees love using the lotus® PRO because they find it extremely safe and effective.

Benefits include:

  • No mixing of chemicals
  • No breathing in toxic chemical vapour
  • No allergic reactions with skin contact
  • Cleans and sanitizes with ease

Havencab agrees that our lotus® PRO cleaning system in many ways outperforms traditional chemical cleaners at a fraction of the cost and is the safest option for both people and the planet.

“The sustainable benefits and product life cycle of the lotus® PRO ensures we are delivering on our environmental vision and leaving behind a legacy for our children. It’s the cleaning of the future”

- Frank Boross

Strategy and Business Development at Havencab

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August 25, 2015 Clean Green, Clean Tips, Tersano
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