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Tersano’s visit turning heads in Finland’s Cleaning Industry

Puhtausala – Finland’s top leading cleaning industry magazine published by the Finnish cleaning association, took note of Tersano’s patent owner Steve Hengsperger’s visit to Finland.

Translated article:

Developer of Active Water Technology visits Finland

Active Water Technology patent owner Steve Hengsperger visited Finland in February.

As Finland's first visit for Hengsperger, he came to see how the activated water is used. Finnish heard the views and experiences of the technology and its application in practice.

Hengsperger said that the company is coming out with additional products using activated water, including a device for commercial laundry machines and ice machines.  For laundry, a facility will be able to go to mainly cold water and with ice machines, a food service facility will be able to eliminate the chemical cleaning step and eliminate microbial growth.

Puhtausala - Article of Tersano's visit to Finland

Puhtausala's article of Tersano's patent owner Steve Hengsperger's visit to Finland.
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Finland's Puhtausala magazine is managed by an independent cleaning association of members that include cleaning associations, industry leaders and cleaning companies. These members organize training courses, trade shows, and other initiatives, paving the way for the most important channel in Finland's cleaning industry.  http://puhtausala.fi

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