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About SAO™

How It Works

See how hundreds of businesses across North America and internationally are using the SAO Dispenser to help reduce toxin cleaners throughout their work environment.

Tersano Q & A

How Tersano’s SAO Dispenser works. Use our Question and Answer educational portion for training of employees.

The Stabilizer Cartridge

How to change the stabilizer cartridge on the SAO Dispenser.

What Our Customers Say About SAO™

University of Wisconsin

Jodi Krause, Assistant Director of Housekeeping at the University of Wisconsin talks about how U of W has benefited from using the SAO Dispenser cleanerto get lower cost and better, brighter cleaning on all surfaces.

University of Michigan

A custodian’s story at the University of Michigan and how U of W achieves campus sustainability goals and saves $50,000/yr in operating costs.

Havencab, Australia

Havencab was the first company in Australia to adopt the Tersano Lotus® Pro cleaning system at Sydney’s Finger Wharf.

Encinitas Union School Dist.

Saving the ocean from harmful chemicals and improving staff and students’ safety fits perfectly into the Encinitas Union School District’s well-known commitment to student wellness and environmental stewardship. EUSD’s custodian explains why he likes Tersano’s system.

Vertica | GWL Realty Advisors

Vertica Resident Services, a wholly-owned subsidiary of GWL Realty Advisors, is the first multi-residential property management company in Canada to introduce the Lotus® PRO cleaning system.

Ball State University

Tersano client partner Ball State University Housing and Residence Life has recently put an emphasis on providing its visitors, residents and staff a safer, happier and healthier environment when on campus.