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What was Tersano up to in May!

We have been busy over the past month helping “Change the Way the World Cleans.” Together with our client partners we continue to prevent over 52 million litres of chemicals from being dumped down the drain and into landfills.

lotus® PRO, Cleaning Longer than Ever Before

Over the past 6 months, Tersano has tested and re-tested to assure that their Stabilized Aqueous Ozone provides the most optimal cleaning solution and continues to provide a Certified, Proven and Powerful alternative to everyday chemical cleaners. Using a number of third party labs, Tersano is proud to announce a large increase to our extended cleaning times.


Help People, Profit and the Planet!

The lotus® PRO High Capacity cleaning system turns ordinary tap water into Stabilized Aqueous Ozone, nature’s most powerful cleaner. Focusing on sustainability, using the lotus® PRO provides a wide array of benefits regarding Social (People), Financial (Profit) and Environmental (Planet).


The University of Regina is helping Change the Way the World Cleans

Thank you to our client partner, the University of Regina for working with Tersano to help “Change the Way the World Cleans.”

By taking ordinary tap water and turning it into Stabilized Aqueous Ozone using the lotus® Pro Cleaning System,  the University of Regina staff says the results are already apparent!


GWL Reality Advisors: Promoting a Natural Cleaning Environment

The introduction of Tersano’s lotus PRO cleaning system is just one example of Vertica’s sustainable commitment in action. The first water technology to earn BOMA BESt recognition in Canada, the system replaces the need to use chemicals by taking ordinary water and converting it into a natural oxidized cleaner, deodorizer, and sanitizer.

With continued success in growing across North America and a total of 4 continents, we will continue to share our success stories with the Tersano Family. We welcome our reps, distributors, and client partners to share with us on our website and all our social media platforms.


For more information about Stabilized Aqueous Ozone and its toxin-free cleaning power, feel free to contact Tersano:

Customer Care: 1.800.727.8835

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