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What They Are Saying

Who's Using Stabilized Aqueous Ozone?

AffinEco logo

AffinEco Facility Services Company
The advantages the stabilized aqueous ozone system offers us are pretty remarkable.Read full story here

Carlos Cancel - Vice-President and General Manager
University of Michigan

University of MichiganSouth Quadrangle Residence Hall
Since we switched to aqueous ozone, I’ve gotten better. When I go home and my kids hug me, they say I don’t smell like chemicals anymore. I call this a miracle.Read full story here

Marin Yaseem - Custodian
University of Wisconsin, Madison logo

University of Wisconsin - Madison, Division of Housing
We have 41 stabilized aqueous ozone dispensers in our buildings and it is still a much cheaper way to clean and sanitize versus using chemicals. In our first year, with just one dispenser in one building, we saved over $6,000. Today, we’re saving over $25,000 a year by not buying chemicals. Read full story here

Jodi Krause - Assistant Director of Housekeeping

Norco College, US
Before I bought our first stabilized aqueous ozone dispenser, I took the system to our chemistry department at the college and asked them analyze it and tell me if it actually cleans and sanitizes. The head of the department and his students did the research and gave it thumbs up. Read full story here

Deon Stowers - Custodial Manager
Ceredigion County Council logo

Ceredigion County Council, UK
Cleaning is much quicker and easier as we’re only using one product rather than a range. It’s also taken an element of human error out cutting the need to measure and dilute chemical solutions which can go wrong regardless of training.Read full story here

Jasmine Wilson - Cleaning Services Manager
Pinnacle PSG logo

Pinnacle PSG Contract Cleaning, UK
By making the change from chemicals to aqueous ozone for our cleaning needs in 13 Yorkshire schools, we have increased the safety for not only the children who attend these schools, but also for my staff that are using the product everyday.Read full story here

Sean Hancock - Contract Manager

The Wesley Hotel, UK
Aqueous ozone is easier to use and staff has seen a reduction in skin irritations previously caused by the chemicals being used.Read full story here

QHotels logo

QHotels, Four and Five Star Hotel Group, UK
We’re achieving impressive cleaning results as well as cost savings, when compared to our previous use of chemicals. By using aqueous ozone, we quickly noted a dramatic decline in spend on chemicals as well as a reduction in time spent cleaning.Read full story here

Christine Maccormack - Executive Housekeeper
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